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Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 86-88)

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Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 86-88)

Vitthal goes to Sahil to Convince him for not Destroying the Chawl. Prem orders security guards to beat him up and throw him out of Sahil’s House. Vitthal gets badly injured and Kamala decides to fight for Saving their Chawl.

Kamala Convinces the Chawl resident to fight against Sahil and Company for Saving their houses. She Convinces them to go on a Strike. Pakhi meets Prem on her way to College. She tries to talk to him but he avoids her.

Neetu gets furious on Learning that Kamala and all other Workers have gone on a strike to Save their Chawl. Neetu fears that Pakhi would try to help Kamala so she sends Pakhi to another town.

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