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Update: Monday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 351-353)

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Update: Monday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 351-353)

Hearing about the cancer, urmi goes berserk and distraught as to how this can be. she loses all sense of calm and composure, while ishaan tries hard to get her to relax. he finally hollers at her, while the doctor asks her to have patience, while she doesnt want to face this. the doctor says that this problem can creep in anytime, and there’s a problem to this type of cancer. Ishaan calmly asks whats the next step. the doctor gives him a letter asking it to give it to the oncologist, who shall guide him further. They walk otu in a daze, as urmi remembers her time with shaurya, in his childhood. Ishaan is dejected and heartbroken, but keeps calm for keeping urmi composed. urmi is disappointed and apalled, as she doesnt realise whats happening. She remembers the doctor’s statements and gets a panic attack yet again, praying for shaurya to be okay. ishaan desperately tries to calm her down, while she collapses in his arms.

Samrat meanwhile in the room is very tensed that he couldnt lay his hands on the food. he eyes fruits kept on the table for tani, and wonders whether to take one or not, but then his hunger overpowers and he takes an orange. before he can take the first bite, he hears tani calling him, and gets frustrated and stuffs the orange underneath the bed. tani comes inside with the a plate of food. He is happy to see the food, but pretends that he is tensed for shaurya. she asks him to eat or his health would go bad. But he keeps saying that he is very tensed to eat. tani eyes the peel around samrat’s mouth and is tensed, as she asks if he ate. He asks why does she say so. tani shows him orange peel, and asks whats it. He gets flustered and then gives an excuse that he ate an orange, as he was going unconscious. She asks him to eat too now. he pretends not to be able to swallow, out of shaurya’s ill health. she asks if he wants to spend time with shaurya tonight. He says that he wants to but urmi wont allow. tani says that she can talk to urmi and get that to happen. He says that it would be an unnecessary bother and moreover he forgets every pain when he is with her. She starts feeding him. He thinks that he killed two birds with one stone.

Meanwhile, Urmi is distraught as she remembers the doctor’s treatment, when ishaan comes in and is apalled to see her like this and places a reassuring shoulder on her hands to comfort her, but it just breaks her all the more. he sits beside her, and asks her to talk to him, as turning away wont help. she asks what can she say as she doesnt have the guts to do what is demanded to save her son’s life. she says that the lord gave her son a disease, from which to save him, she would have to die. he says that she would have to face the situation. ishaan says that urmi has to be strong, but she cant escape, as the god is testing him and her and their love. Damini comes in with milk, and overhears standing the the door, as urmi talks about her dilemma wondering what to do, as she desperately wants to save her son’s life, as a caring mother, but she just cant cant do what the doctor told her her to, at any cost. ishaan stands boggled and confused, while damini is perplexed as to what she is talking about. urmi says that there must be some other way to save shaurya’s life somehow, while ishaan is distraught as he tries hard to comfrot her. he says that according to the doctor there’s no other way out. damini wonders whats causing them to be so worried, that has urmi so hesitant, amnd there’s something noone knows.

Urmi breaks down saying that she can do anything in the world but not this. ishaan asks her to be strong and patient. She asks how can she be strong and patient, and if he evn understands what she would have to do. She says that she can do anything in the world, but not get physically intimate with samrat, to sire another child, at any cost. He asks her to compose herself, as this wont solve anything. anirudh hollers at them to come down. She is distraught while he asks her to stop crying, as it wont get anything. he determinedly asks her to control herself, as she would have to compose herself, if not for herself then for shaurya. alok too calls them. He reminds her and then they both somehow compose themselves and go down.

Downstairs, all the family is gathered, while tani nervously paces around asking damini whats the matter. Samrat too is anxious. ishaan and urmi descend down. ishaan asks why were they being called. Anirudh asks him point blank if he is hiding anything about shaurya’s illness, and asks him to tell clearly. he eyes urmi tensedly, and both get worried. Ishaan lies and anirudh says that they are concerned for shaurya and are hence asking, and asks him to elaborate exactly what the doctor said. ishaan again says that its the normal course of treatment. but then damini shouts at him not to lie, and then tells what she heard and asks wht are they hiding and why. samrat too pretends to be frustrated, and begs him tp say, or else he shall go mad. Urmi is in tears. ishaan is nervous and boggled, as to how to bring this up. all coax ishaan to tell clearly. Anirudh begins to lose patience and asks ishaan to speak up. But he stays silent. Anirudh says that he shall talk to the doctor directly then. ishaan cancels the call and says that he shall tell them. urmi is in tears. he tells them of the exact bone marrow transplant that is possible in siblings, and in the rarest of the rare cases, a stranger’s match, which is a fluke. samrat asks what shall happen now, and if shaurya shall die. ishaan hurriedly says that this shall not happen, and says that the doctor has suggested another way out. Ishaan tells everyone that the doctor suggested that urmi has another child asap, so that they can transfer the bone marrow from the umbilical cord of the newborn, to shaurya, which is an extremely fail, safe option. ishaan says that for now they shall keep shaurya on medication, but bone marrow transplant is imminent. anirudh is assured, asking them to plan the baby asap and then asks whats the problem, and why did they hide it, as they should start planning a baby asap, and ishaan and urmi are frustrated. She signals him to speak up. Urmi stands dazed and strcuk, standing motionless. Ishaan says that the child cant be his and urmi, rather it has to be urmi and samrat’s, biological parents of shaurya. this shocks everyone out of their wits, while samrat is astounded. urmi breaks into tears, and ishaan says that the parents have to be the same, for bone marrow transplant. She is utterly disgusted by even thinking of this. Sandhya

Urmi asks why she says this, as she wont let anything happen to him. tani asks her whats she means by this, and she thinks that she can sleep around with her husband. urmi is disgusted, while ishaan asks tani to behave herself. damini says that its after all the bitter truth, and they have to accept it, and asks them what have they thought. All are silenced, while samrat seems to be enjoying this new turn of events. ishaan asks urmi to compose herself, and tells damini that nothing matters to them more than shaurya. Samrat explains clearly, that he wont submit to this nonsensical whim, and then goes to tani, and kisses her hand, saying that he cant do this kind of injustice to her, and even if he loves his son dearly, but he cant hurt tani for that, as she is his first responsibility. sandhya takes this chance to retort back and taunt, that this is what happens in compromising marital relations. Alok asks her to shut up, while she continues stinging them with their barbed insults. Finally, anirudh asks sandhya to shut up, and asks if she doesnt have any shame to think such a low mentality, and if she cant shut up, then she shoudl leave. she leaves angrily. damini comments that she kept saying that they shouldnt go against social conventions to try modern concepts. Reaffirming, tani says that she did right, and samrat wont be involved in this. she says that urmi’s shaurya may live or die, and she doesnt give a damn but samrat wont compromise at any cost. urmi is distraught, while samrat enjoys this. tani takes samrat away. all are tensed and furious. urmi is shell shocked.

Saroj is very worried for urmi, and how life keeps treating her harshlyn and wonders why the lord tests their patience so badly. they are apalled for shaurya fighting such a deadly disease. granny starts lamenting at shaurya’s age. All are extremely worried. She asks gaurav how was urmi, and he says that he didnt have any idea how to console her, and hence called them. devi says that he did the right thing, as she needs them. Granny asks about ishaan and his family if they support urmi. Gaurav applauds ishaan and anirudh, and saying that the rest is okay too, and says that samrat continues with his drama.

The next morning, urmi is in uncontrollable tears as she hugs saroj, and cries her heart’s despair out, while she desperately tries to comfrot her. urmi says that shaurya is in trouble, and she cant bear that, and she stands helplessly watching him inch towards death. saroj asks her not to lsoe hope, as the lord shall definitely save shaurya. the rest pf urmi’s family comes too, and are distraught to find her so grief stricken. Granny asks her to be wise and patient, as the lord shall set everything straight, but urmi is beyind any consolation offered. damini comes in and is tensed too. saoj asks about shaurya too. Devi says that he slept, and tells them that they shouldnt behave like this in front of him, or else she shall understand.

In the kitchen, damini is furious to see sandhay serving urmi’s family tea and snacks. she vents out her frustration and the maid is tensed. sandhya sends her away. Then she lashes at damini for not being able to see the oppurtunity or the time, to vent out. Damini is confused. sandhay says that in all this, the whole world maybe at loss, but damini is at 100% profit. she asks how. sandhya taunts that she is a fool. sandhya tells Damini that if urmi sires a child with samrat, then she shall be out of ishaan’s and her life forever, as this is what they want. damini is boggled. she says that after she gives birth to samrat’s child, ishaan would never be able to accept her, so late in their marital lives, after so much having gone through. damini understands and says that urmi doesnt have any other option, as she can either save her son or her marriage. sandhya smiles evilly, saying that a dedicated and efficient mother like urmi wont save her marriage but her son. damini hears intently.

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