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Update: Thursday On Love Happens (Episode 247-249)

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Update: Thursday On Love Happens (Episode 247-249)

Gopi feels humiliated and walks away. Meanwhile, Bhola, postman and Hariya go to dhaba along with two wrestlers and thrash those goons. They manage to drive away the goons and Raghu’s dhaba is reinstated. Dabral gets furious when he comes to know and immediately calls the police.

Bhola is taken aback when police arrests him. When Isha comes to know of this, she immediately goes to the police station and requests the inspector to put her in the lockup too, but the inspector refuses as she has not committed any crime. At this, Isha slaps him, and finds her way to the lockup. She then sincerely apologises to Bhola, but Bhola remains unmoved.

Later, Raghu bails both of them and decides to drop his idea of running the dhaba. He tells Aanya and everyone that he cannot risk his family for his business. However, everyone sees a ray of hope when Gopi meets Raghu and apologises for his mistake. He tells Raghu that he will help him in getting his plot back from Dabral.

Dabral’s eyes begin to gleam with greed when Somnath informs him that Princess of Mandva is interested in investing millions of rupees in his resort. Later, Aanya calls Dabral, pretending to be the princess’ secretary, and tells him that the Princess is interested in investing in his resort.

Isha, who has now changed her attitude, volunteers to act as the Princess. Though Raghu does not feel it right to cheat Dabral, but everyone in his family and Gopi convince him that he is not doing anything wrong. Isha then meets Dabral, and lures him by telling that she would like to invest millions of rupees. She also tells her that she will consider in making him as her partner.

Dabral shows him Raghu’s plot, but Isha rejects it immediately. She then selects another plot and tells Dabral that she is interested in building her resort there. She gives Dabral a week’s time to buy that plot for her. Meanwhile, Gopi makes the fake documents of that plot in Raghu’s name.

Dabral and Somnath get worried when they come to know that Raghu is the owner of that plot. However, Dabral tells Somnath that he will get that plot from Raghu at any cost.

Isha gets alarmed, but she quickly manages to make a story. She chides Dabral for coming to meet her unannounced. Isha blames Dabral for creating a chaos at the guesthouse, due to which her gown got entangled in the door. She also tells Dabral that the gown was presented to her by Queen of London.

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