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Update: Wednesday On Love Happens (Episode 244-246)

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Update: Wednesday On Love Happens (Episode 244-246)

Raghu is shocked when he receives a court’s notice for not repaying the bank loan. Raghu tries to explain the officer that he has not taken any loan from the bank, but the officer does not listen to him. The officer gives Raghu a day’s time to clear the outstanding amount, or else, the bank will seize his house and field. Aanya and Dadi are also taken aback when they learn about this. Raghu goes to meet Gopi, but his wife makes an excuse and tells Raghu that Gopi is not at home.

Meanwhile, postman and Hariya are shocked to see some goons have encroached Raghu’s dhaba. They start thrashing postman, when he protests. Hariya informs Raghu about this and immediately calls the police. However, Raghu is shocked when the police arrest him and Bhola for capturing other’s land.

Aanya is shocked when the postman informs her about Raghu and Bhola’s arrest. She immediately rushes to the police station, but she is denied to meet Raghu. Later, in order to look pregnant, Isha puts a cotton roll inside her top to make her belly look bulged. On the other hand, Dabral shares a drink with Somnath and Gopi as he feels that Raghu will soon hand over the possession of the plot to him.

Dabral tells them that he will pressurise Raghu to such extent that he himself drop the idea of running his dhaba. Meanwhile, Aanya heaves a sigh of relief when Kishan bails Raghu and Bhola.

Raghu then meets Gopi, who, in a drunken state, tells him everything about Dabral. Raghu decides to meet Dabral. On the other hand, Bhola gets shocked when the cotton roll comes out of Isha’s top.

Bhola gets furious as he feels cheated by Isha. He decides to show her the door, but his father intervenes. He stops Bhola from taking any drastic step. Meanwhile, Raghu meets Dabral and tries to explain him that the plot belongs to him. However, he is shocked when Dabral warns him of dire consequences if he interferes in his plans of making a resort there. On the other hand, the goons who have intruded Raghu’s dhaba thrash Bhola black and blue.

Everyone is shocked to see Bhola’s state and Dadi forbids Bhola from messing with those goons again. Bhola then shocks Raghu and his family by revealing Isha’s lie. Meanwhile, Gopi is shocked when Dabral tells him that his position is just like a loyal dog, not that of a partner. Later, postman tells Rangeela and Bhola that he is thinking to ask few of his wrestler friends to thrash those goons. They all are surprised when Dadi also likes the idea.

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