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Former P*rn Star Who Married A Millionaire Insists She’s Not A Gold Digger (Photos)


Former P*rn Star Who Married A Millionaire Insists She’s Not A Gold Digger (Photos)

A former Thai p*rn star who became a Buddhist and married an American millionaire has insisted that she’s not a gold digger after finally being granted a divorce. Nong Nat, 33, married wealthy businessman Harold Jennings Nesland, 72, after quitting the porn industry.

However, she demanded a divorce shortly after their wedding, expressing fears about giving her husband a heart attack during s3x.

Her husband Harold, who is based near Seattle, has now finally agreed to a divorce but Nat insists she ‘never needed’ him to take care of her financially.

However, Nat who is now single says she is looking for a man who is ‘financially secure’, asking potential suitors to send her their bank statements to prove this.

Speaking about her marriage to Harold, Nat said: ‘I never needed Harold to take care of me financially, I’m no gold digger. I’m not desperate.

‘He paid for everything but I know he has a lot of expenses of his own in America. So I was understanding and said he could reduce my monthly salary. ‘We are still friends and if ever I have a problem I can call him for help.’

Nat revealed last year that she and Harold, who made his fortune as an architect in the construction business, were living separate lives and that she wanted a divorce.

According to LinkedIn, he is the CEO and Managing Director of Global Design Solutions in Bellevue, Washington. His building project experience includes building design projects of over $2 billion with a specialty in master planning large academic medical campuses, resorts and cities.

Source: DailyMail

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