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Former P*rn Star Recalls How She Received Death Threats After Acting In Hijab

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Former P*rn Star Recalls How She Received Death Threats After Acting In Hijab

A former porn star has revealed she received death threats from ISIS after filming a scene wearing a hijab.

Lebanese-born American Mia Khalifa, now 25, said the idea to wear the hijab came from the film producers, and she was “just 21 and moderately demure” and didn’t realise she could say no.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live on Friday, she said: “[The producers] and gave me this script and told me what I would be wearing and I said ‘you are going to get me f**king killed.’

“Not even a week later the death threats were racking up. The entire Middle East was after me.”

Mia, who was raised Catholic, says ISIS shared a manipulated image her about to be beheaded by an ISIS executioner with a message warning her she would go to Hell.

At the time she replied “I’ve been meaning to get a little tan recently”.

The scene reportedly divided her home country of Lebanon at the time.

One Twitter user wrote: “Hijab is something holy, and beautiful, having sex on camera with it is degrading its meaning.”

Last week during the radio appearance, Mia recalled the controversy at the scene while revealing the terrifying threats.

“The entire Middle East was after me. Lebanon disowned me. My family disowned me.”

“I had every Muslim on Twitter coming after me with proverbial pitchforks.

“There was a Google (Street View) screenshot of my apartment tweeted at me with a death threat.

“(ISIS) photoshopped a picture of me on to another person’s body getting beheaded.

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