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Reality Star Has Her Boobs Exposed In Front Of Viewers On Live TV (Photos)

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Reality Star Has Her Boobs Exposed In Front Of Viewers On Live TV (Photos)

It was an embarrassing moment after a reality star’s boobs were exposed live on TV after a guest ripped her top off during an episode of Survivor Spain. A video clip posted online starts innocently enough, showing 26-year-old Oriana Marzoli sitting at the far end of the sofa with three fellow guests.

The episode the final of the series shows presenter and fellow guest Carmen Gahona discussing Marzoli’s beauty before she’s asked her to stand up.

Marzoli springs to her feet to show off her enviable figure but as she does so, Gahona lifts her skimpy black top and reveals the celebrity’s bare breasts.

Marzoli quickly ducks behind Carmen as the studio audience dissolves into laughter.

She then crouches on the carpet and straightens her clothes, adding too late: “I hope I was not seen.”

Oriana Marzoli managed to recover her composure quickly after her fellow contestant decided to flash her.

The footage has gone viral in Spain, where the interview was being aired for a reality show based on the US series Survivor of which Marzoli was a previous contestant.

Producers claimed the boob-flash was unplanned and instigated by Gahona.

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