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Senator Dino Melaye Humiliated, Injured And Molested By The Nigerian Police


Senator Dino Melaye Humiliated, Injured And Molested By The Nigerian Police

A serving senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Senator Dino Melaye brutalised and injured for speaking the truth.

He is the only senator that stand for the indigent masses, his vocality on issues that affect the poor people has caused him a lot of pains, anguish and humiliation.

It is now obvious that Buhari regime has no respect for humanity.
This act is nefarious, inimical and unfriendly to our democratic system.

What we are experiencing in Nigerian today is a full military regime, this tyrannous system of government is capable of destroying our hard achieving democracy.

In 1983 we suffered the same system of cruel leadership and now the same Ill-fated system has surfaced to jeopardize out democracy.

Does that mean that we don’t have right to speak on some hideous policies of Buhari that is anti- human. Where is our fundamental Human Rights of expression.

We must all rise up and condemn this inhuman act vehemently.


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CC: Amnesty International

By Itodo Dennis
An advocate of peace and good governance



  1. Samon Tebise Bukunmi

    April 25, 2018 at 9:50 am

    You people seem not to understand the concept of human right. The fact that he is a sercving senator doesn’t take away being the need to be law abiding. You mean you are not ashamed of putting your pen to write in supporting someone who doesn’t respect the rule of the nation? So sad indeed! What is wrong in Dino honouring the invitation of the Nigeria Police Force? Is he bigger than the NPF? Isnhe bigger than Nigeria or isbhe bigger than Kogi his state?
    My worry is the fact that you people have hatred for the country at the expense of defending a lawless legislooting lawbreaker – Dino.


    April 25, 2018 at 11:07 am

    I think this report is not fear to the Nigerian police or the president. Maybe the reporter is not aware of the fact that the Senator have been requested to report himself for over a month. One thing lacking in the report is was he molested l.

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