Sports: The Richest Footballers In The English Premier League (1-5)

The Premier League is home to some of the most talented footballers in the world. And as we all know, great talent usually comes with great wealth in the form of sky-high signing fees (and endorsement deals). We’re talking so many piles of cash that even the Grosvenors would blush.

But which footballer can say he’s the richest? Which teams pay out the biggest salaries?

Sergio Aguero
Sergio Aguero

1. Sergio Aguero
Net worth: 48M GBP
Position: Striker
Current Team: Manchester City

Is there a bigger name in football right now? Man City’s all-star striker joined the club in 2011 and has since become their highest scorer ever. Originally from Argentina, Aguero also holds the record as the Premier League’s top non-European scorer (including Europeans, he’s 8th in league history). He’s already destined to go down as one of the sport’s all-time great footballers.

Aguero reportedly signed with Manchester City for a signing bonus somewhere in the neighborhood of £35 million. Add millions of pounds per year for his sponsorship deals (Aguero’s contract with Puma is especially lucrative) and it’s little surprise that he’s one of the sport’s richest athletes.

Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard

2. Eden Hazard
Net worth: 32M GBP
Position: Winger/Attacking midfielder
Current Team: Chelsea

Eden Hazard entered professional football at age 16. Nearly a decade later he’s considered one of the game’s all-time greatest players. Known for his incredible speed and passing on the field, Hazard’s annual salary from Chelsea also makes him one of the highest-paid footballers in the Premier League.

Hazard compounds his wealth with major sports endorsement deals with most of the top brands. He’s in line for a new line of trading cards courtesy of Topps, and his paycheck from Nike is worth millions. He also sponsors those delightful Biscoff biscuits.

Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil

3. Mesut Ozil
Net worth: 28M GBP
Position: Attacking midfielder
Current Team: Arsenal

German-born Mesut Ozil has multiple awards and records to his name. Arsenal’s star attacking midfielder has frequently been called the best German footballer in the Premier League, and perhaps in the world. His five-year contract with Arsenal worth close to £50 million is among the highest on record.

But Ozil is also renowned for his generosity. In 2015 he reportedly donated his bonus to a charitable cause very close to his heart: helping sick children in Brazil. For that reason, Ozil was selected by Germany’s Foreign Ministry to be their Football Ambassador. Cheers, mate.

4. Theo Walcott
Theo Walcott

4. Theo Walcott
Net worth: 26M GBP
Position: Forward
Current Team: Everton

Theo Walcott’s many seasons with Arsenal set the stage for an incredible football career. During his time with Arsenal he scored over 100 goals, and even became the youngest player in England’s league history to score a hat-trick. While his passion for the game sagged during his time with Arsenal, his move to Everton last year rebooted his love for football.

Walcott was fourteen when he signed his first major endorsement deal with Nike, and a few years later he signed with Adidas. His aunt also happens to be married to British filmmaker David Yates the man responsible for several of the Harry Potter films. Walcott himself was actually supposed to make a cameo in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. But ultimately because of his busy schedule, he couldn’t make it to the shoot.

Paul Pogba

5. Paul Pogba
Net worth: 25M GBP
Position: Midfielder
Current Team: Manchester United

Recognized for his signature hairstyles just as much as his moves on the field, Manchester United’s star midfielder is one of the great footballers of his time. Paul Pogba was originally signed to Manchester United in 2009 but left for Juventus after just two seasons. Pretty soon he was regarded as one of the most gifted players on the field. Manchester paid an arm and a leg to resign him in 2016.

Pogba’s flare for football (and the spotlight) has translated successfully to social media, where he uses his influence to raise awareness for social issues. His ten-year sponsorship deal with Adidas also turns him a hefty profit every year.

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