Pretty Young Lady Launches Search For Mystery Man Who ‘Won Her Heart’ During A Flight

A student who felt a connection with a mystery man during a ten hour flight is now desperately trying to track him down in the hope he could be ‘the one.’

Pretty Young Lady Launches Search For Mystery Man Who ‘Won Her Heart’ During A Flight

Jomaica Alfiler, 21, from Seattle, sat in window seat 43A on flight LH490 from Frankfurt to Seattle on Tuesday 26 March when she was joined by the ‘good looking man in his twenties’.

The pair spoke briefly during the long haul flight and the ‘lovely gentleman’ even helped Jomaica, who is originally from the Philippines, with her luggage.

However, the business student forgot to ask for his full name and number and is now  sharing her story in the hope he will get in touch.

‘He was a good looking young man and was clean cut, had dark hair, and was around 5’8 – 5’9,’ she said. ‘He was probably in his twenties. I believe he was wearing black Adidas NMD shoes and a silver/grey back pack, with an orange shirt and jeans.’

Jomaica was on the way home from a six-day holiday in Portugal and her connecting flight to Seattle was from Frankfurt. After running late for take off and being held up in security, she finally boarded the plane and was the last person on.

‘I was walking down the aisle and looking for my seat and there he was sitting and looking,’ she said. ‘We exchanged smiles. I had small luggage with me that I had to put above the compartment before I sat down.’

She continued: ‘He offered to help me out but I insisted on trying to do it myself because I’m a strong independent woman. In the end he helped me anyway because I was too short to even reach it I’m 5’1.’

Jomaica slept for the first few hours and didn’t eat but he ordered a ‘Korean flavored chicken with a gin and tonic drink.’ Although they didn’t make lots of conversation, she said there was ‘small talk here and there.’

‘He asked me if I was cold since he wasn’t using his blanket so he could give it to me,’ explained Jomaica. ‘He also tried to help me recline my seat back but we both failed. However, I still thanked him.’

She added: ‘I also purposely didn’t use my headphones while I was watching a movie and just turned on the subtitles in the hope he would talk to me, but he didn’t. Maybe he was shy, too.

However, Jomaica hasn’t given up and is hoping the mystery man can still be found. ‘I would like to find him, wherever he is and at least try my chances, get to know him and see where it goes, at least I tried and I won’t have any regrets,’ she said.

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