Woman Reveals Why She Inserted Ginger In Her Son’s Anus

A woman has been arrested for inserting ginger in her son’s anus as a form of corporal punishment. According to reports, the police disclosed that the child’s mother subjected him to a particularly painful and embarrassing method of corporal punishment.

Woman Reveals Why She Inserted Ginger In Her Son’s Anus

The Ghanian woman identified as Aba Hagan, 40, was arrested on Thursday in Manchester and charged with cruelty to persons, third-degree assault, impairing the morals of endangering a child and disorderly conduct.

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Officers were sent to a Rachel Road apartment at about 8p.m. on a reported domestic dispute. There, they found a naked boy, whose age was redacted in the police report, who said Hagan had inserted ginger in his anus, police said.

Hagan initially denied doing anything, but then said that her son “had messed up in school and she punished him,” the report says.

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“Aba stated she had taken a piece of ginger and put it into (the victim’s) anus,” the report said. “I asked why she would do this,” Officer Daniel Roberts wrote, “and she stated this was a common punishment in her home country of Ghana, Africa.”

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Medics evaluated the boy and took him to Manchester Memorial Hospital. A report of suspected child abuse or neglect was forwarded to the state Department of Children and Families, Daniels wrote.

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