Uber Driver Sells Company’s Car To Relocate To Canada

Uber Driver Sells Company’s Car To Relocate To Canada

An Uber driver, Ademola Quadri, has been arrested for raising a false car-snatching alarm to cover up his crime in Lagos.

Qadri had made a complain at the Igando Police Station, that three armed men snatched a Toyata Corrolla Saloon car leased to him by Pinehill Leasing Ltd.

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However, the police investigation into the calls he made and text messages he received prior to reporting the theft at the station, showed that he received a credit alert of N560k with a follow up message from an anonymous person demanding to have the car since a part payment had been made.
The police confronted Quadri with the information available to them and he confessed to selling off the car with the intent of using the proceeds to travel to Canada for greener pastures.
He then led detectives to where the purported snatched vehicle was kept pending full payment.
The police arrested two other suspects namely, Uche Sunday, 32, the marketer who claimed to have negotiated the purchase of the car online and one other, name withheld, suspected to be an innocent buyer.
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